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Children's Eye Exams Specialist

Advanced Vision & Achievement Center

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Proactive and reactive vision care and professional eye exams are important for children as their eyes develop. At Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, highly skilled optometrists Neha Amin, OD, FAAO, and Mary Hardy, OD, provide comprehensive eye exams for children aged 6 months old and up. Children deserve the highest standard of optometric care, and the eye specialists at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center will always deliver it. To make sure your child’s eyes stay healthy, book an eye exam online or over the phone today.

Children's Eye Exams Q & A

Why do children require special eye care?

After birth, a child’s eyes go through numerous changes. And because children’s eyes are still developing, even minor eye complications can lead to future problems and even inhibit learning to some degree.

Optometric care for children requires specialized training and experience to address the specific needs of children as they grow. Dr. Amin and Dr. Hardy offer eye exams for children aged 6 months old and up.

How often should children have an eye exam?

Children should have their first eye exam when they are 6 months old. During this exam, Dr. Amin or Dr. Hardy will check for any vision or eye health complications that should be treated early.

Your child’s second exam should take place at age 3 to make sure their eyes are developing normally.

Your child’s third exam should take place at age 6, and recurring eye exams should take place every two years thereafter. If your child has certain eye complications, they might need more frequent exams.

What are the benefits of children’s eye exams?

Your children’s eyes are their windows to the outside world. Impaired vision can negatively impact their ability to play, learn, discover, and more. Specialized optometric care can improve your children’s vision health and educate them about how to take care of their eyes.

Furthermore, since children might not be as likely to notice or say anything about eye problems, professional eye exams can shed light on conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed. Preventive eye care can help to prevent blindness and other eye conditions from developing in the future.

To give your child a comprehensive eye exam, book an appointment online or over the phone with Advanced Vision & Achievement Center today.