Color Deficiency Contact Lenses


For the past several decades there has been a tremendous amount of research in the area of color vision and color perception. Several new and exciting filters have been developed both in the area of contact lenses and spectacle lenses. With the Colormax system, patients are able to appreciate more normal color perception for the first time in their life. Patients who have had extreme color blindness can now tell the differences between subtle color changes.

Special contact lenses using the Colormax/Chromagen system has been developed to correct color deficiencies. The testing process takes approximately 45 minutes and patients can actually experience looking through these filters immediately following the evaluation.

Several of our patients have been so excited about the changes they haven't stopped talking about it since they received their lenses. An artist was able to see, for the first time, which colors he was actually painting. Please call our office or E-mail us for more information on this exciting new color correction process.